Xiaomi to offer free micro-SIM card trays to Mi 3 owners

Xiaomi suspended the sale of MI 3 on Flipkart in India but they love their customers and hence offering free micro-SIM card tray to Mi 3 owners which they missed to pack.


Mi3 buyers from Flipkart can redeem the free micro-SIM card tray, all you will need to do is head over to Mi’s promo page. The webpage contains a form where you need to fill all the details like your name, Flipkart order number, address, your phone’s IMEI number, phone number and email address. Once you fill all the required information, simply submit the form, Xiaomi will verify that you have indeed bought the Mi 3 from Flipkart and deliver the micro-SIM card tray in up to three working days.

You can apply for the free micro-SIM card tray for your Mi 3 here.

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